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Welcome to Old Town Lewisville !

Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair workshop can build leather articles to satisfy any need. Whatever the desired item, the shop can fashion it to include each specification of the customer’s request. Such attention to detail, as well as the excellent handwork, makes Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair the best choice for hand crafted leather apparel and accessories.

Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair has mastered the art of achieving the perfect fit in a boot or shoe, and using exotic as well as typical kinds of leathers to customize them. Boots and other leather goods can be made and sized for any member of the family — articles are all custom made to suit each individual. A wide assortment of practical and luxury leather accents for personal and business use is on display at Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair location.

Customized Leather Goods

Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair has carved out a special niche for itself by specializing in superior customized leather craft items. Customers can add their own personalized details to the store’s well-designed boots and leatherwear. If a customer can describe or show an example of what is desired, the craftsmen in the store’s workshop can create it to perfection. With the help of a good description of what a customer wants, Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair can make it, down to the last detail — including customized boots, shoes, purses, belts and more.

Exemplary Craftmanship

Loyal customers come to Old Town Lewisville Boot & Shoe Repair because the superior quality and variety of what is produced here set this shop apart from all others. The store takes pride in the exemplary work it creates by maximizing leather’s inherently elegant look and feel. Customers arrive eager to experience the desirable, sensory quality of the store’s well-crafted items. The custom work this store is known for has inspired enough word-of-mouth praise to reach a member of the Dallas Cowboys — who consequently became one of the shop’s satisfied customers.

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Leather Goods
If you can show or describe what you want to the experts at Old Town Lewisville Boots & Shoe Repair, they can create those dream boots for you
Shoe Repair
Customers appreciate the fact that Old Town Lewisville Boot and Shoe Repair can remedy ANY shoe or boot, no matter how badly damaged the item is.